How to Smoke Hash: Five Best Methods to Use at Home

how to smoke hash

Even as a seasoned cannabis user, do you ever wonder how to smoke hash? As one of the oldest cannabis concentrates, older civilizations devised ways of preparing and smoking hash that you can borrow from. But before we get to that, let’s discover a few things about hash.

What is Hash?

Firstly, hash is the shorter name for hashish. Hashish is derived from compressed, purified trichomes of the cannabis plant. These trichomes, also called dried resin, stalked resin, or kief, contain higher levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) plus other cannabinoids to guarantee the best high.

You can find hash in varying forms; it can be soft or stiff or varying in color. Not to worry, this depends on the preparation process as the kief is pressed into cakes. Hash is a very potent form of cannabis, and you will only need to take it in little amounts.

If you are looking for the best hash to smoke right now, you can order from the best online dispensary here. Once you have your hash ready, you can smoke it in different ways, each needing a little amount of hash to get you high. Here are some easy ways you can smoke hash;

  1. In a pipe or bong
  2. In a joint
  3. Dabbing hash
  4. In a vaporizer
  5. Using two butter knives and a water bottle

How to Smoke Hash in A Bong or Pipe

Pipe smoking hash is one of the easiest methods, and you can decide to use a pipe or bong. This process is as easy as smoking regular cannabis flower.

A pipe is best for when you need to travel as it is very portable, while a bong is a little bulkier, thus your best option for smoking at home. Whichever option you decide to use, these are the steps to follow;

Step 1: Pack the bowl

For this step, you will need to place a layer of dried flower in the bowl, then place hash on top of the flower. Using dried flower beneath the hash increases potency and prevents the burning hash embers from gaining easy entry into your smoking device.

Additionally, the dried cannabis flower also makes for a better high since it slows down the burn for a more enjoyable experience.

If you are a more experienced cannabis consumer, you might want to skip using the flower, in which case you would need to use a screen to smoke hash only. During production, the hash is compressed to form a formidable solid substance.

Thus, if you heat it, it will melt, which is where you need to use a screen to prevent the fully melt hash from making entry to the bottom of your pipe. Also, using a screen prevents you from inhaling excess hash oil that would be bad for your lungs. To use a screen, place it beneath the bowl, then load your hash.

Step 2: Smoke the hash

When your hash is ready and the pipe in your hand, you only need to light up the hash and inhale all the smoke. If you struggle to but your hash properly, you can use a stronger lighter for better results.

How to Smoke Hash in a Joint

You can also smoke hash in a joint, and just like smoking it in a pipe, you will only need a small amount added to your cannabis flowers. There is a catch though, you’ve got to make sure your hash is dried enough so you can roll it. Otherwise, the sticky hash will make us easier to tear your paper as you roll.

Additionally, it would be best to roll up the joint with proper proportions of flower and hashish. These are the steps to smoke your hashish from a joint.

Step 1: Roll the joint

This step is as simple as rolling any other joint; place a paper on the table, line it with your favorite flower, and then add hash crumbles. Next, thoroughly spread the hash across the paper and roll it up.

Make sure to roll it up tightly and leave a little space for the filter.

Step 2: Spark it up

When your joint is ready, all that’s left to do is light it up and wait for your high to kick in.

How to Dab Hash

Dabbing is another way of consuming your favorite plant material. Before you learn the process, it is best to understand what a dab is.

A dab is a highly potent cannabis concentrate (in this case, hash) made from extracting THC and other cannabinoids using butane or carbon dioxide. To dab hash, you will need a dab rig and a handheld torch for heating.

Are you wondering what a dab rig is? It is a piece of smoking equipment that is designed similarly to the pipe or bong. However, it is fitted with a nail that looks like a bowl. Unlike a pipe, is a dab rig comes with a hole on the inside leading to the pipe. In a pipe, this hole is located at the bottom.

Now that you know what you need, these are the steps to follow when dabbing hash.

Step 1: Fill the dab rig with water (fill up to 3/4)

When you have put water in the dab rig, use the torch to heat the bottom of the ring. Heat until the nail looks orange, and make sure not to touch it with your hands to prevent a nasty burn.

When it is hot to your desired temperature, let it cool for about three to five seconds before placing a piece of your hash on the nail.

Now, place a carb cap to cover the nail.

Step 2: Begin dabbing

When your hash is ready to be smoked, lift the carb cap and inhale all the smoke you can.

How to Smoke Hash in a Vaporizer

Vaping hash is more common and way easier than dabbing. To consume hash using this method, you will only need a vaporizer and a blow torch.

However, as hash is different from other cannabis extracts, you will need to vape at a higher temperature. Follow these steps to enjoy the strongest hash smoke any time.

Step 1: Make sure your hash will melt

One important step when vaping hash, and also when dabbing, is melting the hash. It needs to melt easily, and if it doesn’t, you can process it further before vaping.

Also, ensure your vaporizer is designed for concentrates to prevent damaging it. If it is not, you can decide only to use it for hash.

When your vaporizer is ready, you can proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Add some hash to the chamber, heat, and inhale

With hash in the chamber, use the blow torch to heat the product at 180-210 degrees Celsius; you may also need to use lower temperatures to preserve the most flavor. As you heat, inhale the smoke and enjoy your high.

Smoking Hash Using Hot Knives

This method probably sounds dangerous, and it is, which is why you need to be careful when smoking. If you are a new cannabis or hash smoker, this method will be great with two sets of hands. Here is what you need;

  1. Two butter knives
  2. A water bottle cut in half
  3. A stovetop

These are the steps to follow to smoke hash comfortably with the hot knives method when you have these items plus your hash.

Step 1: Heat the knives

The first step for this method includes heating your knives until they are hot orange. For your safety, it is best to use knives with heat-resistant handles to prevent accidental burns.

To properly heat, place the metallic parts of both knives on a hot stovetop and wait for a few minutes. When hot, proceed to the second step.

Step 2: Place your hash on the hot knives

After heating the knives, you can give them a few moments to cool down a bit. Then, add a piece of hash on the hot surface of one knife, then press it on top with the other knife.

Step 3: Use the bottle to inhale the smoke

As mentioned earlier, this may need to be a two-person job? Well, as your hash burns between the two knives, you will need to place the bottle’s mouthpiece in your mouth while also holding the two knives with the hash beneath the bottle.

The bottle helps you harvest the smoke, so you might need someone to hold the knives for you so you can inhale the smoke. Still, if you are using a plastic water bottle, it’d be best to maintain some distance (without losing too much smoke) with the hot knives as they would burn it also.

Frequently Asked Questions About How to Smoke Hash

a) What are the benefits of smoking hash?

When smoked with moderation, hashish can get you comfortably high when you want to relax. Additionally, it contains THC, which has several medicinal benefits.

b) Which is the best way to smoke hash?

There are different ways you can smoke your favorite hits, as you have seen in this article. All these are great ways to get your high, and you can use any as your preferred method.

However, it is vital to note that some methods of smoking hashish are more dangerous than others. For example, using the two hot knives method can pose some challenges if you are smoking alone. Thus, if you are a new smoker, it would be better to start with easier methods such as rolling a joint or using a vaporizer.

c) Are there other ways I can consume hash?

Yes, if you are not comfortable smoking, you can ingest hash with your food and snacks. You can find your favorite edibles from our online dispensary here.

d) Where does hash come from?

Hashish has been in use for a long time, with its first mention dated as back as 1123 in Egypt. Known for a long time by older African, Asian, and Middle Eastern civilizations, they used hash as one of the best cannabis edibles at the time.

Smoking has evolved with time, but it is now one of the fastest ways to ingest this cannabis concentrate when you want fast results.

e) What are the different forms of hash?

Before we delve into the different types of hash you can find in the market, let us discuss how you get it from the cannabis plant and a little bit.

For you to get hash, you will need to find female cannabis plants. The plant produces the marijuana flower, which produces a sticky resin if not pollinated.

The resin from the marijuana flower contains goodies like trichomes that you need to make hash.

Hashish is produced by separating the trichomes from cannabis buds and then concentrating them into a highly potent extract.

With this in mind, the extracted hash is then prepared into different forms such as;

  1. Bubble hash or ice water hash. Bubble hash is made by mixing the frozen cannabis buds in water and ice. It is an easy way to separate the trichomes from the plant material to end up with hash that looks like crystallized honey.
  2. Hand-rolled live resin hash. It is formed by rubbing the cannabis buds in your hands for long periods, a process that results in balls or sticks of creamy hash.
  3. Dry sift hash. It is also called Kabul hash or Morrocan hash and is made using dried cannabis buds to form a fine powder. The powder is then pressed into blocks with enough pressure and heat to make dark-colored blocks with varying consistencies.

f) Where can I buy good-quality hash?

Now that you know the different types of hash and the different smoking methods you can use, you must surely wonder where you can purchase only the best hash.

Not to worry, is a Canadian online dispensary where you can find the best hash, as well as other cannabis products and concentrates to use at home. Also, you can buy the best vapes, pens, and more equipment you will need for smoking hash.

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