OPULENCE – Caramel Gold Chocolate Bar – 125MG


Need more caramel? Spoil yourself with Gold. This expertly crafted hybrid bar is created with a Full Spectrum blend of THC Oils, and a fine selection of ingredients like caramelized sugar and caramelized milk. This caramel chocolate has rich notes of toffee, butter, and cream, and an exciting dash of salt.

Combining luxury, cannabis, and ethically sourced chocolate, OPULENCE brings you an elevated experience quite unlike any other in a variety of flavours, strengths, and strains. Using lab tested proprietary blends of full-spectrum extracts and a food science approach to infusion, OPULENCE ensures that each square has the precise amount of THC for accurate dosing and a consistent, reliable experience. A modern & memorable treat for the stylish cannabis consumer.

  • 125mg THC per bar / 5mg THC per piece / 24 pieces

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