Fukushima Preroll Factory – Regular Moonrockets™ – 10 x 1Gram

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For true Moonrocket™ diehards or for those who feel the need to stockpile a few extra Fukushima Moonrockets™ for a rainy day, vacation or special events. What better way to hide from the reality that Fukushima radiation will eventually wipe mankind off the face of this flat earth.

Moonrockets™ come in a reusable child resistant custom FUKU™ tube that has a tamper resistant seal for security and freshness.

  • Each Order Contains 10 x 1 Gram Regular Moonrockets
  • Choose Between Sativa or Indica Strain
  • Please Select Total of 10 Quantity
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Fukushima Preroll Factory - Regular Moonrockets™ - 1Gram
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